[2021.03.19 (Fri)]
Aina Suzuki 1st Live Tour ring A ring – Prologue to Light -Ticket information of CHITOSE concert

Aina Suzuki 1st Live Tour ring A ring – Prologue to Light –

Ticket information of CHITOSE concert


[Live streaming schedule]

Saturday, April 3rd, 2021 Start at 18:30(JST)



[Archival replay]

available until Sunday, April 11th, 2021 23:59(JST)


*Due to the spread of COVID-19, event may be canceled according to instructions or requests from the government or local authorities, as well as the weather condition or natural disasters, etc. We will try to hold this event under careful consultation.



[Ticket price]

One performance ticket: JPY3,500



[Sales period]

From March 20th, 2021 (Sat.) 10:00(JST) to April 9th, 2021 (Fri.) 20:59(JST)




Available in the following countries and regions:


Brazil, Canada, United States

<Asia Pacific>

Australia, HongKong, Indonesia, South Korea, Macao, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand


France, Germany, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom


*Customers who wish to watch the live stream, please purchase a ticket in advance. It is possible that you can only watch from the middle if you purchase just before the live stream starts.

*Please make sure you have read the event details from eplus website in advance.




Make sure you read the following cautions BEFORE purchase.


▼Users Guide



【System Requirements】 

Windows10/Edge The Latest Version

Mac OS/Safari The Latest Version

iOS/Safari The Latest Version

Android/Chrome The Latest Version


※Please make sure your viewing environment before purchase.

※A handling fee is included in the ticket price.

※Please use only the recommended system requirements and make sure all your devices are working normally. We cannot support anything other than the recommended environment.

※An email with streaming URL will be sent to you after your payment is confirmed.

※You cannot watch the live stream with multiple devices at the same time, but can switch the device in the middle of the streaming.

※If you watch from the middle, it will be a live from that point and can not be rewound.

※Communication Environment: A fast and stable internet connection is required to watch the live stream.

Be sure to check in advance whether it is out of service area or where the signal is weak and whether there is packet remaining capacity. If you are using shared Wi-Fi, make sure that you turn off Wi-Fi on the unused terminals and do not place obstacles between them. Also, avoid areas that are crowded or surrounded by concrete.




※This is a paid live stream event. All rights are reserved by the organizer.

Commercial use as well as private use such as filming, recording and advertising of distributed video are prohibited. Please refrain from watching in same place with large number of people from the viewpoint of preventing infection with the new corona virus. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please enjoy with good manners.